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Has Your Commercial Insurance Agent Ever Discussed These Points With You?

YOU PAY THE BILL — 6 POINTS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT COMMERCIAL INSURANCE   Ensuring that your workers compensation is free of gaps and covered under your umbrella. The employer’s liability section of your worker’s compensation policy lists specific limits of coverage. Many agents do not take the time to explain what these limits mean […]

The Importance of Consolidating Commercial Insurance Coverage

Why Have All My Coverage With One Carrier?   The 6 Main Reasons to Consolidate!   #1-  BUSINESS OWNER’S TIME– The main reason is all business owners are very busy people and just don’t have the time to be evaluating coverage all throughout the year.  Having different effective dates makes tracking and coordinating policies more […]

The Dangers of Coinsurance

When a business owner thinks of insuring his or her building and its contents, many think of a number that they will be comfortable receiving in the event of a catastrophic loss. You would not believe how many times I’ve heard owners say things like “If this place burned, I would not rebuild it the […]

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Various aspects of Cyber Liability Claims: Many business owners do not know exactly what constitutes a cyber liability claim. Even if a business is not selling products online, they can still be exposed to cyber claims. It is important for all business owners to be aware of the risks of this emerging area of commerce […]